Friday, August 26, 2011

Review: Candy Doll Loose Powder

This is my first product from Candy Doll *dancing* I got mine from Veronica. She import this product direct Japanese supplier that I don't know who. Too bad that it’s only available in Japan T__T

Super kawaii packaging with purple prints *i love purpleeee~* >o<

"Candy Doll is a cosmetic that realizes the wish that the girl wants to be cute. 
Sweet as fluffy. Happy as milky. It begins sparkling as made magic"

The jar design is similar to the packaging. Black and white stripes with purple prints! I got a small puff inside, and the puff is very soft and fluffy *Q* The black satin ribbon strip is to slip your fingers under to make application easy and more work. There's a large quantity of powder (10gr) packed into that little container. Piufff~~~

Candy Doll loose powder is the best loose powder that I have ever used! Mine is the normal 01 loose powder, not the shimmery limited edition version. The powder are very soft and give you a matt finish. This loose powder also give you a luminous glow. Many people said this powder suitable for oily skin, but my skin type is normal to dry, ehm still comfortable when use this loose powder! Maybe because the powder is very light, remember, mineral ingredients! xD

About the color~ uhmm the color is very natural and blends in to the skin really well! I haven't noticed any white cast on my face, the powder also doesn't cake up *nilai plus di mata gue*  I love this product but I hate the price TT

What I love about it:
- Cute packaging with fluffy puff
- Medium buildable coverage
- Smooth and matt finish
- Easy to blend
- Doesn't cake up
- Light feeling

What I hate about it:
- Pricey!
- Hard to get in here 

Purchase again? Insyallah kalau engga bokek yaww =="


  1. pinkbuble
    Bagus donk, ngeblend sempurna di kulit gue. Senang ^O^

  2. My Lovely Sister
    Samaaa :D Tapi isinya juga ga kalah loh kalau bikin jatuh hati hahaha


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