Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm free for a month after exam

I'm free now! Free from school, exam, and homework *SCREAAAMMM*

Just wait my result about 1 month again. Hoah! Great and amazing result? Oh please, hopefully. Free, free FREE for a month! How do I celebrate my first free day? Well, I woke up late, ate super spicy 라면, go to salon, and hanging out with my little brothers (swimming, go to a children's playground, and pempek-ing). Amazing, I feel so good! Now I'm thinking about making a kawaii layout and cook some delicious food. That will be fun!

How lucky you're Kate xD Oh please, Harry is still SINGLE
Long last Kate Middleton and Prince William

Kate is very lucky, she became a princess now. All women in this world want to be a princess, one of them is me. So sad Prince William didn't choose me to be her wife, but Prince Harry still single, right? =D